Foundation governance

Foundation Governance

Inter IKEA Foundation has two governing bodies, a Foundation Council (Stiftungsrat) and an Advisory Council (Beirat).

Foundation council

The Foundation Council has the full decision-making power and represents the foundation.

The Foundation Council currently has three members: Johannes Burger, Hans Gydell and Daniel Damjanovic.


Advisor Council (Beirat)

The role of the Advisory Council (Beirat) is advisory, and to dismiss and appoint members of the Foundation Council. The Advisory Council has seven seats, and the Kamprad family must always be in minority.

The current members of the Advisory Council are Mats Agmén, Christer Johnsson, Mathias Kamprad, Birger Lund, Magnus Mandersson, John Tegnér and Urs Wickihalder.

Successors of outgoing members of the Advisory Council are appointed through nomination from the outgoing member, and for non-Kamprad-family followed by a vote among the members of the Advisory Council.


Perpetual existence

Inter IKEA Foundation is meant to be of perpetual existence even if circumstances were to change. Therefore, the statutes contain rules on how the statutory provisions relating to the structure or organisation can be changed. The goal is to secure the pursuance of Inter IKEA Foundation’s purpose, even if circumstances change. The purpose of Inter IKEA Foundation itself, however, can never be changed, as long as it is possible to fulfil the same. In the most unlikely scenario that it is no longer possible to pursue Inter IKEA Foundation’s purpose, it can only be altered by a court ruling.